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COMFIT: chocolate coater and panning machine

For the fast and easy production of chocolate dragées, chocolate bonbons and truffled confectionary there is no better solution than the use of Selmi's COMFIT panning machine.

Available in two versions: Comfit and Comfit Maxi. Choose the Comfit that best suits your production needs!

SELMI's panning machines can both be equipped with the automatic chocolate sprayer Spray System, which allows an automatic and homogeneous coating and distribution of the chocolate within the continuously rotating pan, quickly and without continuous operator intervention.

The two models have production capacities of 20 kg and 60 kg and are the ideal solution for producing large quantities of long-life products, allowing the user to give free rein to his or her imagination in the tastes and finishing touches of their creations.

Chocolates can be personalised with colourings, flavourings or mixed with small amounts of added products to create unique results.

Comfit coating pans require a compressed air connection.

Discover our Comfit machines

Comfit: chocolate and sugar coating panning machine


11.300,00 €

Tank capacity: 20 kg

Hourly production rate: 20 kg

Comfit Maxi: chocolate and sugar coating panning machine


21.000,00 €

Tank capacity: 50/60 kg

Hourly production rate: 40 kg

Spray System: automatic chocolate sprayer for coating and panning machines

Spray system

2.100,00 € Comfit
2.100,00 € Comfit Maxi

Sprayer for chocolate coating machines

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