Painting and food spraying cabin with suction for chocolate

Food decoration machine suitable for chocolate, pastry and ice cream parlours

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Painting and food spraying cabin at a controlled temperature with suction for chocolate shops, pastry shops and ice cream shops.

Chocopaint by Selmi is the new spraying and painting alimentary cabin, specifically designed for decoration with cocoa butter, food colors and jellies of chocolate subjects, pralines and bars, semifreddo’s, mini desserts, cakes, biscuits and polycarbonate moulds.

Suitable to be integrated in all chocolate, pastry and ice cream laboratories. Innovative and technological like all Selmi chocolate processing machines and equipment, it stands out on the market for its high power suction capability in a way that almost completely avoids the diffusion of the colors used in the work environment and as a consequence guarantee cleanliness and greater hygiene of the laboratory in which it is used.

Completely built in steel, it is equipped with:

  • special LED lighting
  • a convenient removable and turning plate that can be used as needed to facilitate the decoration of chocolate subjects,
  • a comfortable pedal to easily activate and stop the rotation of the plate during the decoration phases
  • wheels to allow the easy handling and movement of Chocopaint within the laboratories
  • Lexan front doors that guarantee greater hygiene during production stops

The spray gun, connected to the compressor integrated inside the machine, activates the nebulization. The gun is also equipped with the container above for inserting the cocoa butter and the colors necessary for processing.

The integrated pressure regulator allows the user to adjust the intensity of the spray air in order to obtain the desired color shade.

The double filters, easily removable and replaceable, have the function of collecting and blocking excess of decoration material during the usage

The convenient and intuitive digital control panel allows you to adjust the heating temperature of the cabin storage below, operate the suction fan with customizable intensity, the compressor, turn on the LED lights and adjust the speed of the turning plate.

Chocopaint is also equipped with a comfortable and useful heated cabin which allows you to keep fluid colours, cocoa butter and at a good temperature the necessary equipment for decoration during work breaks. It also allows you to insert up to 7 trays 60x40 cm thanks to the special guides mounted on the sides.

Years of experience in the sector make the new Chocopaint spraying and decoration cabin by Selmi a safe and wise investment that guarantees rapid and professional decoration of chocolates and any pastry and ice cream products, with a reduction of emissions in the laboratory environment up to 95% and a consequent saving on the raw materials used.

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