Chocolate enrobing, moulding and cooling tunnel

Tunnel length: 8/12/16 m

Working width: 600 mm

Tunnel measures
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Chocolate enrobing, moulding and cooling Tunnel 600 mm

Tunnel 600 is designed to enrobe and cool various types of chocolate products. Built entirely in stainless steel, this tunnel is equipped with a 600mm wide belt and two separate refrigeration units which allow for the creation of zones of different temperatures. The temperature is set from a very user friendly and versatile control panel that allows the operator to easily navigate between the various functions of the machine. This machine is designed for industrial production.

The machine is available as standard in three different lengths: 8m, 12m and 16m. However, the company is also able to manufacture it to any required custom length if this were to be requested.

Please note that with regards to the total dimensions, as well as the cooling chamber one also needs to take into consideration the decoration zone, which will have a length chosen by the customer, and the detacher.
The latter is an optional belt that is very useful in the enrobing procedure, since it facilitates and noticeably improves the quality of the final product.

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Examples of production line configurations

Tunnel 8/12/16 mt with Chocolate Tempering machine CENTO
and Chocolate Enrobing Belt R600T

Cento + R600T + Enrobing grid w. 600 mm + Tunnel 8/12/16 meters with 600 mm belt + Detacher

Chocolate production line cooling tunnel with chocolate tempering machine and R600T enrobing belt REQUEST INFORMATION AND QUOTES