Charger 175/275
Automatic Mould Heater & Loader for TUTTUNO

For connection to automatic chocolate production line Tuttuno Oneshot

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Charger: Automatic heated mould loader for Tuttuno Oneshot

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Heated Mould Loader for connection to the TUTTUNO Oneshot automatic chocolate production line

The new SELMI CHARGER 175 and 275 combine two functions: mould heating & automatic mould loading. The process of pre-heating moulds gives better results when depositing & filling using a Oneshot machine.

The moulds are heated by hot air and the temperature of which can be regulated via the control panel on the TUTTUNO Oneshot. In addition, the volume of heated air can be adjusted using the slots on the distribution pipe.

- For customers with existing TUTTUNO Oneshot machines, it will be necessary to install a special connection kit. Please contact us for more information.

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