Conca 200-400
Melting mixer for chocolate bean to bar production

Bean to Bar chocolate production line

Conca 200: 22.900,00 €
Conca 400: 27.000,00 €

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conca 200-400 conching to remove negative acidity from Bean to Bar chocolate

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Conching is an important step of the complete chocolate transformation process. Selmi's CONCA 200-400 enhances the aromatic profiles of Bean to Bar chocolate and removes any negative "acidity" and any residues of humidity.

The CONCA 200-400 features a heated tank with a central mixer that continuously stirs the chocolate - this oxygenates it and creates a homogeneous and defect-free product in a cycle lasting between 8 and 12 hours.

The new model CONCA 200 and 400 features a greatly improved system for mixing the chocolate, thanks to an innovative inertial rotary system which, in addition to the usual rotation of the stirrer, adds a second and simultaneous orbital rotation. This method of conching produces a final product with incomparable aromatic notes.

The touch screen control panel, located on the front of the machine, enables the operator to customise four aspects of the machine’s operation: duration, temperature, emulsion intensity and oxygenation by means of variable air flow.

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