Packaging machine with flow pack system

Allows flowpacking and packaging of large quantities of chocolate and food products

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Packaging machine with flow pack system

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Designed to flow wrap chocolate and other food products, the new SELMI WRAP 400 PLUS enables large quantities of product to be packed simply and quickly in order to guarantee greater conservation and shelf life.

The SELMI WRAP 400 PLUS is able to handle products with many different sizes and formats and allows the user to choose between various types of wrapping material including paper and other environmentally friendly products. The machine is also supplied with many features as standard that are usually ‘optional extras’ on other brands and as such is very simple to use especially for customers using a flow wrap machine for the first time.

Extremely compact and with a stainless steel finish, the WRAP 400 PLUS offers easy cleaning and sanitization as well as durability making it perfect for use even in small laboratories.

Furthermore, the SELMI WRAP 400 uses Box Motion technology to offer enhanced quality and accuracy of cutting and sealing.

Features include:

  • Able to use films up to 400mm wide.
  • Reel holder is pneumatically expandable and includes an integrated caliper to enable correct positioning of the paper.
  • Incorporates a thermal transfer printer enabling text and graphics to be printed in black on the wrapping such as expiry date, production batch, company logo, product flavour, etc.
  • Customisable forming box built to customer requirements to ensure maximum adhesion of the film to the product.
  • Supplied with one metre long loading area which can be extended on request to allow more operators to work simultaneously on loading.
  • A ‘No Product-No Bag’ detector is supplied already mounted on the loading belt. So if the operator fails to load a product, the machine will automatically slide forward and move to the next, without wasting film or paper.
  • Innovative thermal sealing system offering improved sealing power that is more effective than traditional systems.
  • Integral cooled surface helps minimize the melting of chocolate products during sealing.
  • Innovative cam design cutting and closing system.
  • Packaged product exit belt made with straps/cords.
  • Machine runs left to right – although right to left is available on request.
  • Jaws/Sealing jam width 150 mm

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