Micron 25
Ball refiner for spreadable cream, ice cream paste and chocolate production

Machines for grinding, manufacturing and refining creams

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Magnetic filter included

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Micron 25 ball refiner for spreadable creams and bean to bar chocolate production

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The Micron 25 ball refiner was designed for the production of spreadable creams, anhydrous pastes for ice creams, pralinated products and cream sweets. The machine is equipped with a refrigerator with the purpose of regulating, within the set limits, the excess heat caused by the friction generated between the spheres. Thus doing we preserve unaltered the organoleptic qualities of the product.

The circulation of the product during refinement is maintained by a dual purpose volumetric pump.

The refining cylinder is also regulated to maintain a warm temperature to prevent the fatty residues between the balls from solidifying during pauses in the working cycle.

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Tank capacity: 60 kg

Micron 50 ball refiner for spreadable creams and bean to bar chocolate production



Hourly production: 50/60 kg

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