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CLUSTERS: chocolate based clusters

Selmi's Cluster machines are the best solution on the market for the easy and fast creation of chocolate based cluster agglomerates containing added granules of dried nuts, candied fruit, cereals, seeds and cornflakes.

Available in two versions: Cluster Tunnel and Cluster Tray.
Choose the most appropriate Cluster for your chocolate production needs.

Cluster Tunnel is connected to a chocolate tempering machine for the provision of tempered chocolate. It is equipped with a loading hopper for the addition of the extra ingredients and via specific rotors it deposits the chocolate praline clusters directly onto the belt of the cooling tunnel.

Cluster Teglia is very similar to Cluster Tunnel in that it is also connected to the chocolate tempering machine and equipped with a loading hopper for the additional ingredients. The difference is that it deposits, via the rotors, onto a specific tray that is provided with the machine and as well as praline clusters it can also produce very thin and crispy chocolate bars. This gives the products an elegant artisanal touch whilst maintaining unaltered the high level of productivity.

Discover our chocolate Clusters

Clusters for agglomerates of nuts and chocolate

Clusters Tunnel

6 rotors

Hourly production: 30-35 kg

Cluster Teglia for agglomerates of nuts and chocolate

Clusters Teglia

6 rotors

Hourly production: 25-30 kg

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