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Chocolate tempering machines

If you have a need to produce large quantities of tempered chocolate, the best possible solution is to use a Selmi chocolate tempering machine.

Chocolate tempering machines, coating and enrobing machines and moulding accessories for the creation of pralines and moulded, coated chocolates as well as chocolate bars, truffles and hollow bodies.

Selmi tempering machines are available in 7 different tank sizes to meet all the production needs for the tempering of chocolate, be it for artisanal, medium or industrial environments.

EX® GENERATIONchocolate tempering machines, with international patent from Selmi Chocolate Machinery, allow the operator to easily add granules and other products to the chocolate in the tank. The steel internal screw pump used for pumping up the chocolate can be easily dismantled and removed in a few quick steps to allow for easy cleaning with water and for complete cleaning of the machine.

Tempering chocolate with Selmi tempering machines is definitely the best solution on the market!
They are the fastest to reach the correct tempering temperature and continue to temper and process the chocolate without stopping for up to 12 consecutive hours during the working day.

Furthermore, there are a number of accessories for coating and decoration which are compatible with the chocolate tempering machines. These allow for the total or partial chocolate enrobing of biscuits, pralines, chocolate bars, small cakes, croissants, meringues, snacks, doughnuts and panettone

Selmi chocolate tempering machines can be accessorised with the RS200 chocolate enrobing belts, available in different widths (200 mm and 250 mm) and various lengths from 180 cm up to 280 cm so as to allow for a greater production throughput.

The professional chocolate tempering machines can also be accessorised with an injection plate for the production of moulded products and with Automatic Truffle for the coating of truffles and boules (which were made earlier on) with powders, cocoa, sugar or granules.

Selmi's tempering machines are also the basis for all chocolate enrobing, moulding and cooling lines. They can, in fact, be combined with cooling tunnels, Oneshot Tuttuno simultaneous dispensing machines, Clusters and with the Bean to Bar chocolate product lines.

Discover our full range of tempering machines

Selmi One professional chocolate tempering machine


Price: € 8.000,00

Tank capacity: 12 kg

Hourly production: 55 kg

Legend professional chocolate tempering machine


Price: € 11.700,00

Tank capacity: 24 kg

Hourly production: 90 kg

Color EX professional chocolate tempering machine


Price: € 11.700,00

Tank capacity: 12 kg

Hourly production: 55 kg

Plus EX professional chocolate tempering machine


Price: € 17.500,00

Tank capacity: 24 kg

Hourly production: 90 kg

Futura EX professional chocolate tempering machine


Price: € 19.900,00

Tank capacity: 35 kg

Hourly production: 170 kg

Top EX professional chocolate tempering machine


Price: € 26.000,00

Tank capacity: 60 kg

Hourly production: 200 kg

Cento 100 professional chocolate tempering machine


Price: € 42.000,00

Tank capacity: 100 kg

Hourly production: 300 kg

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