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Machines for the processing of
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There are companies that manufacture and companies that create and set trends

It's the ones that raise admiration and have a tendency to be copied, and yet they do not hide their secrets, because, by the time the market has caught up with them, they are already far ahead.

Selmi not only creates technology tailored to the customer, but even makes it user friendly. That is to say practical, flexible, easy to use, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

This is the brilliance that sets it apart: by putting its technology and ideas at the disposal of professionals in this field it creates and steers the market.

Since the sixties, Selmi has been a point of reference for machines and equipment for processing chocolate in all its forms: pralines, bars, truffles, chocolate snacks, bean to bar chocolate, chocolate dragées, artisanal spreadable creams and much more

The company's brand-new headquarters in Bra, spreading over 20,000 square metres, is a place that expresses how strong and deep-rooted the 'chocolate culture' is in our company and what passion animates the management and the entire staff.

la famigli Selmi, da 60 anni in attività


Selmi chocolate machinery. One family, a story of professional ethics, passion for chocolate, sacrifice and the search for technological quality. Fundamentals for each and every company decision since 1965.

With nearly 60 years of operational activity, SELMI Chocolate Machinery designs and builds machines for the processing of chocolate, roasters for dried nuts, cocoa beans and coffee.

A profession that binds a family for three generations.

Renato Selmi, a man with exceptional ideas, founder and current company chairman, began in 1965 with the manufacturing of machines for processing hazelnuts, then progressing to machinery and equipment for the processing of chocolate, an area in which he will specialise.

Paolo Selmi, CEO, a man of character, ambition, tenacity, practicality and with great entrepreneurial and commercial skills.
In 1987 he joins his father in the company and since that moment the combination of technology, understanding of the raw material and a constant search for efficiency and perfection, have raised the company to be at the forefront of the market at a national and international level for the production of machinery for the processing of artisanal chocolate and for the roasting of coffee, dried nuts and cocoa.

Just under two years ago both of Paolo Selmi's children, Martina and Alberto, joined the company.
Wisely guided by their father, they open the doors to the future and to the realization of new projects.


Success requires preparation

Selmi has for some time been accompanying its core business with the provision of professional training courses: chocolate and coffee courses to pass on the processing knowledge and techniques to professionals in the sector who have the desire to improve their own competence, which often concerns very specific and targeted processing requirements.

Selmi's workshop at the newly built headquarters has an area of 5,000 square metres and is staffed with 6 chocolate chefs.

Every day the chocolate chefs dedicate their time to personalised research and development, upon the specific requests of each client and participant to the ONE to ONE courses, of new and innovative chocolate products.

Selmi offers personalised "ONE TO ONE" consultancy for its clients with the company chefs for periods of one, two, three or five days.

Through this service, the company offers the possibility to see its machines and accessories in action as they temper, process and transform chocolate. It gives the opportunity to personally experiment the functionality and bring to light the high performance and to touch with one's own hands the efficiency, reliability and the possibility to create a variety of products according to the productive requirements of each client.

The harmony between innovation and passion is what makes Selmi an undisputed point of reference in the field of chocolate production. Our training offer is directed to both Italian and foreign users as the courses are taught in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Chocolate processing courses
at Selmi Training Centre



Chocolate and dried nuts processing machines and lines on offer



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The strengths of our company

Selmi Chocolate Machinery and Equipment for Chocolate Production is a point of reference when it comes to machinery and accessories for the processing of artisanal and industrial chocolate in all its forms.

With our machinery for the production of chocolate it is in fact possible to create a variety of chocolate confectionary and pralines, both in moulds and coated, chocolate bars, filled or decorated and with inclusions of dried nuts or candied fruit, or any other imaginative product with the desired taste chosen by each chocolatier.

Size and production capacity to meet every need.

  • Professional chocolate tempering machines, chocolate melters and dispensers combinable with enrobing machines and accessories that allow for the creation of pralines and moulded products, chocolate bars, chocolate truffles and hollow bodies for Easter eggs and Christmas products.
  • Comfit and Maxi Comfit coating pans (dragée machines) for the creation of chocolate and sugar dragées
  • Micron ball refiners are used for refining and grinding dried nuts for the creation of anhydrous paste bases of pure nuts for artisanal ice-cream and the ice-cream sector, artisanal spreadable creams, cream sweets and pralinated products.
  • The simultaneous dosing and dispensing machine One Shot Tuttuno can in a single operation/injection create pralines and bars, simultaneously creating the outer chocolate body, the internal ganache and the sealing of the product.
  • The Chocoform extruder is a machine that extrudes previously made special chocolate cylindrical blocks with inclusions of dried nuts, gianduja, cereals, puffed rice, etc….These machines produce large quantities of chocolate truffles and truffled products, to be later coated with tempered chocolate or truffled with cocoa powder or sugar.
  • Cooling tunnel and chocolate enrobing and moulding lines for pralines, bars, biscuits, cakes, panettone, croissants, meringues and other bakery products such as rice cakes, snacks, protein bars and doughnuts.
  • Accessories for the moulding and creation of solid, hollow and filled chocolate bodies.
  • Complete line of machines for the creation of Bean to Bar chocolate which, starting from the roasting of the cocoa bean, will lead to the attainment, via various production steps, of single origin Bean to Bar chocolate or a blended product with personalised recipes.
  • Production line machinery and accessories for processing, grinding, refining and thus transforming dried nuts so as to create anhydrous pastes of pure nuts for the production of artisanal spreadable creams, anhydrous pastes for the processing and production of artisanal ice-cream, creams for fillings, chocolate coatings, pralines and cream sweets.
  • Roasting machines of varying productive capabilities for roasting coffee, dried nuts, cocoa beans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and other products of various types and sizes.
  • Cluster machines for the production of chocolate based agglomerates and pralines containing dried nuts, cereals, puffed rice, cornflakes and seeds of various types and sizes.
  • Chocolate fountains with personalised logo.
  • Macchia chocolate melters and dispensers designed to be located in full sight of the clients. They allow the operator to prepare and decorate with chocolate, in full view of the clientele, chocolate based specialities such as marocchini, shot glasses with chocolate and gianduja, decorations and variations of ice-cream, hot chocolate, fillings of croissants and crêpes.

Chocolate processing machines

Chocolate Tempering machines, chocolate melters, chocolate enrobers, chocolate tunnels and cooling lines for enrobing coating and moulding of pralines and chocolate bars.
Complete line of machinery and equipment for the creation of Bean to Bar chocolate, Oneshot Depositor Tuttuno, Extruder for chocolate truffles, chocolate coating pans and dragée panning machines.

Professional chocolate tempering machines

Professional chocolate tempering machines

Designed to melt and temper chocolate on a continuous cycle. Their main objective is to crystallize and quickly temper to the right point the cocoa butter contained within the chocolate. It is in fact thanks to the tempering of the chocolate that a perfectly finished product can be obtained, with a shiny, polished and crunchy glaze. Available in different production capabilities, the seven models in Selmi's range are equipped with a volumetric dispenser with pedal to control the flow of chocolate and with a low voltage vibrating, heated platform.

The new EX GENERATION models allow the operator to directly insert added ingredients, such as dried nut granules and seeds, whilst the tempered chocolate in the tank is in a continuous cycle. These models allow for the easy removal of the screw pump inside the tempering machine so that the inside of the machine can be quickly washed. This is also ideal for those who wish to frequently change the type of chocolate used: dark, milk or white.

EX®: made in Italy, this is the most efficient and cleanest technology on the market

Chocolate panning machine for chocolate and sugar dragées

Chocolate panning machines

The Comfit steel panning machines are devices designed for the production of chocolate dragées and chocolate and sugar confectionary for coating with hazelnut chocolate, pistachios, almonds, candied fruit, cocoa grue and dried nuts of various types and dimensions.

Equipped with a controllable cold and warm air blower, these allow for the coating, enlargement and polishing of the coated product.
They offer the possibility of obtaining different types of finishings for the dragées: shiny and polished or truffled

Painting and food spraying cabin with suction for chocolate

Painting and food spraying cabin with suction for chocolate

Welcome to the future of chocolate and food decoration with Selmi's Chocopaint!

The new, food spraying and painting cabin designed to enhance creativity in chocolate, pastry, ice cream,and bakery laboratories. Unique in its kind, Chocopaint comes complete with all the necessary accessories for impeccable and professional processing. Selmi's Chocopaint with its innovative and technological design guarantees excellent performance.

One of the distinctive features of Chocopaint is its powerful suction system, which almost completely reduces the diffusion of colors in the work environment, ensuring optimal cleanliness and hygiene.

Built entirely of in steel to guarantee durability and complete sanitation sanitization, it is equipped with LED lighting, a convenient removable rotating plate with a pedal control system. The compressor is integrated inside the decoration cabin and allows you to easily adjust the pressure of the connected spray gun. The removable double filters collect and block any excess of material during use.

The convenient and intuitive digital control panel allows you to adjust the temperature, the intensity of the suction fan, the compressor, the lighting, and the speed of the rotating plate.

Chocopaint is also equipped with a heated cabin that keeps colors, cocoa butter, and the necessary equipment fluid during work breaks. The cabin can accommodate up to 7 trays of 60x40 cm thanks to the side guides, offering ample space for all decoration needs.

With years of experience in the sector, Selmi has created a spraying and decorating booth that represents a safe investment for every laboratory. Chocopaint guarantees fast and professional decoration of chocolate and various pastry and ice cream products. The reduction of emissions in the work environment up to 95% and the consequent saving of raw materials.

Take your creativity to next levels with Selmi's Chocopaint, the definitive solution for professional food decoration. Innovation, quality, and performance without compromise, for always perfect results.

Oneshot depositor, simultaneous chocolate dispensing machine

Oneshot depositor chocolate dispensing machine

One Shot Tuttuno, available in two models with either 4 or 9 injection nozzles for chocolate or fillings, is a simultaneous dosing and dispensing chocolate injector for the creation of chocolate products in a single operation. The machine produces products such as pralines in polycarbonate moulds, bars and neapolitans by simultaneously creating the outer chocolate shell, the internal ganache and sealing of the product.

It is also possible, through the use of the Oneshot chocolate depositor from Selmi Chocolate Machinery, to fill macarons with previously made ganache of various flavours and aromas.

The Oneshot Tuttuno line, equipped with accessories such as the automatic mould loader and the VIBRA mould vibration station system, has high performance and productivity thanks to its attachment to the vertical cooling tunnel SPIDER and to the AUTOMATIC DEMOULDER.

Cluster machines for agglomerates of dried nuts and chocolate

Cluster for agglomerates of dried nuts and chocolate

Selmi's new Cluster machines allow for the creation of pralines and chocolate based agglomerates containing inclusions of dried nuts such as granules of hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts and other inclusions such as puffed rice, cereals, seeds and any other desired product having a maximum granularity of 10 mm.

These machines are equipped with a loading hopper for the added ingredients and need to be connected to a tempering machine for the supply of tempered chocolate. They have the option to be used in automatic or manual mode.

Available in two versions to satisfy the needs of all workshop types. The CLUSTER TRAY version, where the product is dispensed onto steel trays and the product is cooled in a fridge with controlled humidity, or the CLUSTER TUNNEL version where the products are filled directly onto the chocolate cooling and enrobing tunnel belt.

Wrap 400 Plus: Flowpack Wrapper for Chocolate, Pastry, and Bakery Products

Flowpack Wrap 400 Plus

Flowpack Wrapper for Chocolate, Pastry, and Bakery Products

Discover the new Flowpack Wrap 400 Plus by Selmi, the ideal packaging machine for chocolate products and designed to be the perfect end-of-line for all automatic chocolate production lines created and built by Selmi Chocolate Machinery.

Designed and built with cutting-edge technologies, the Wrap 400 Plus guarantees fast, simple, and efficient packaging, preserving the freshness and quality of the product for a longer shelf life.

The Wrap 400 Plus is extremely versatile, suitable for products of different sizes and shapes. Thanks to the multiple wrapping material options, it is possible to customize the packaging according to the specific needs of the customer. The machine is made entirely of stainless steel, ensuring ease of cleaning, hygiene, and exceptional durability.

Equipped with an innovative BOX MOTION system created by Selmi, the Wrap 400 Plus surpasses traditional rotary machines, offering the highest quality cuts and seals. With the ability to mount films up to 400 mm wide, the pneumatic expansion reel holder and an integrated vernier ensure precise paper positioning.

Among the advanced features, the machine includes a thermal transfer printer to customize the wrapper with information such as expiration date, production batch, company logo, and much more. Customizable formatters ensure perfect adhesion of the film to the product, optimizing packaging.

The 1-meter loading area, which can be extended to allow multiple operators to work simultaneously, makes the Wrap 400 Plus extremely compact and adaptable to different production environments. The NO PRODUCT-NO BAG system avoids paper waste, automatically advancing in case of product not being loaded.

Designed for chocolate producers, the Wrap 400 Plus is equipped with a cooling plate to prevent the product from melting during slowdown. The heat conduction sealing system and the cam-operated cutting and sealing system guarantee a perfect and long-lasting seal.

The Flowpack Wrap 400 Plus by Selmi is the ideal choice for those looking for a state-of-the-art flow pack wrapper that is easy to use and can offer the highest quality packaging for their chocolate products.

Chocolate cooling, coating and moulding tunnels

Chocolate cooling, coating and moulding tunnels

Tunnels designed for speeding up and optimising the enrobing and the cooling of chocolate coated and moulded products

They are available in various lengths, from 4 m up to 16 m, and allow for the cooling of chocolate via a special air diffuser which controls the temperature, humidity and the recirculation of the cold air.

The design and tailoring of the Selmi cooling lines based on the specific requirements and production needs of each individual client is a very important focus point of our company

Machines for the production of Bean to Bar chocolate

Bean to Bar Line. Machines for the production line: from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar Example of bean to bar chocolate products

Complete line of machines and accessories for Bean to Bar chocolate-making starting from the roasting of selected single origin cocoa beans leading to the creation of Bean to Bar blended or single origin chocolate, refined and conched according to personalised recipes and ready for moulding via the use of the chocolate tempering machine.
The Bean to Bar lines are available in various production capabilities in order to satisfy the daily throughput requirements of each operator.


Machines for the creation of chocolate spreadable creams
and lines for the processing or dried nuts

Machines for the creation of chocolate spreadable creams and lines for the processing or dried nuts esempio di prodotti di frutta secca

Production line machinery for processing by grinding, refining and transforming dried nuts. The machines are designed to roast, crush and grind to attain a refined mass of products such as hazelnuts, pistachios or almonds for the creation of anhydrous pastes of pure nut, needed to produce artisanal spreadable creams, anhydrous pastes for the production of artisanal ice-cream, filling cream sweets, pralinated products and chocolate.
The lines are available in various production capabilities to satisfy the daily throughput requirements of each operator.


Machines for roasting coffee, dried nuts and cocoa beans

Selmi Roasters: machines for roasting coffee, dried nuts and cocoa beans
Selmi Roasters: machines for roasting coffee, dried nuts and cocoa beans

Selmi's professional roasting machine ROASTER is available in two different models of varying productivity capabilities.
Initially patented for roasting coffee, today they are a valuable tool for workshops that wish to autonomously roast and personalise the roasting of cereals, dried nuts, cocoa beans, seeds and any other desired product.
This innovation allows the artisan to have a higher level of quality control in their production line; a requirement that is nowadays essential for anyone working with passion in the food sector.